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Chat function

We launched a new update on the website, the chat system is now functional. In the right bottom you will notice this chat.

  • Only registered members that are logged in are able to chat
  • Clicking on the username will open a private chat, in private chat clicking on the username will open the profile of this person
  • Administrators have a red color and Moderators have the color orange
  • Country flag behind the name is checked by IP of the used computer/device. If you are in another country it will show the flag of that country, not your nationality

Please be respectful and don’t use hate or racism in the chat. We don’t appreciate spam and advertisement. Messages could be removed by an Administrator or Moderator. Ignoring rules could lead to a temporary ban from the chat.

Thank you,
HippyLife Team


Website is live!

Welcome! The website v1.0 is live! The new social hippy place! Where your information is not used for advertisement and marketing purposes! Enjoy!

There are a few open positions in the team, for YouTube we need:

  • Actor(s)
  • Editor
  • Camera operator

(These positions require traveling)

For the website we need:

  • Chat Moderator(s)
  • Administrator
  • Webshop manager

And some other positions are:

  • Social media manager
  • Photographer

If you are interested send a message to @admin and maybe you will become a member of our team!