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We arrived at the community “The Vlierhof” in Germany to volunteer. The Vlierhof strive to balance what volunteers bring to the Vlierhof (work experience, new ideas, labor etc.) and what volunteers can gain (learning, community life etc.).

The Vlierhof depend on the help of the volunteers in various areas: the seminar house, Bed & Breakfast, community home, kitchen, sawmill, the heating system and the gardens and grounds. Moreover, volunteers bring a fresh perspective from outside, as they come from around the world.


Several hundred people in the Netherlands found each other in the desire to form a community based on spirituality, community building and ecology. This project is called the Ecovillage. (www.ecodorp.nl). Three people from this group did not want to wait for the realization of this major project and decided to buy a farm with the same objectives in June 2002, founding the association Vlierhof. In September 2002 they bought a farm in Kleve Keeken and called it Vlierhof, based on its previous name “Flierhostey”.



The Vlierhof aims to promote awareness and peace on earth. They want to make a contribution to the social and environmental problems faced by the society today, showing that a different way of life is attainable. Creating a place where the aim is to live as self-sufficiently as possible.





The Vlierhof welcomes those who want to organize a workshop or event, a family celebration or those simply looking for a Bed & Breakfast, but they want it to be more than just a seminar center or guesthouse. They would like to make our contribution to a more socially responsible and sustainable world where it is easier for people to find their inner balance. The core values have to do with that.




Vlierhof info:

Address: Klever Str. 115, 47533 Kleve
Phone: 02821 970242
Website: www.vlierhof.org



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