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Living in a commune? I never heard of communes when I was young. Just like everyone else, played with friends from my neighborhood and lived with my parents and brothers in a house and went to school.

I really loved nature, as a kid I played outside quite often and went camping every year with my grandparents on Texel (one of the islands of the Netherlands) and I’m sure this contributed allot to my love for camping.

When I was around 20 years old I felt like I didn’t really fit in this lifestyle and got introduced to “spirituality”. Via this path I met allot of people with the same way of thinking and got inspired by their travel stories. I went to festivals like “Healing garden” and visited allot of workshops.

I knew I had to go. Explore! With hope of finding a more suitable way where I could find my peace.

After a month of hitchhiking to Portugal I found a place called “Fridayhappiness – Pizza Party” in Tojeiro. I stayed here for a long time. I experienced total freedom in this commune, but also squatting in Lagos and camping at beaches and enjoyed live on its fullest with like minded people. Even without having any money.

Now I knew it for sure. My goal, my destiny was to build up my own commune. The inspiration and creativity was flowing trough my veins. Live self-sufficient, grow my own vegetables, collect water from the ground and air and get electricity from solar panels.

I need experience. I’m not a gardener, an electrician or builder? There is allot information on internet but doing it yourself give you so much more experience and perspectives. I met the most amazing people who could teach me everything I wanted to learn and after a while I met the girl of my dreams with the same visions as I do.

The problem is money. Everything is always so expensive. We went to Holland to save up money. Well that’s what I thought. Okay, we saved up some money and where able to buy a caravan, but it took so long and the jobs where miserable. We felt our creativity and inspiration drain. Again another day, the same bullshit over and over again. No creativity and inspiration. It didn’t make us happy, we wanted to go back to the commune lifestyle again.

Than we got big news! We are getting a baby! This made us think much more. Not only “What do we want?”, but also, “Where and how do we want our child to grow up?”. “What do we find important in live?” not just for us but also for the generation after us.

We find it really important to be in nature, be surrounded by creative and positive people, have animals around and live a healthy lifestyle. We want to be conscious about our actions and what footsteps we leave behind.

We found a small community near the border of the Netherlands/Germany called “Vlierhof“, this is where we think to stay for now. We want to sort out some more things but our goal is still Portugal. The weather is good, the people are nice and it has lots of opportunities.



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