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I remember the day I picked you up from the shelter. I asked for an older damaged dog without future. 
The lady from the shelter pointed to a to small cage what you shared with 3 other dogs.
You where hiding in the corner while the other dogs exited jumped in the front.
I sat down near the cage and asked you to come over.
You felt save and came sitting next to me.
This moment we both knew we belonged together.

You where terrified of almost everything. You didn’t want to connect with anything except for me for a long time.
I took you around, traveling, exploring, visiting communities.

You changed from a locked up terrified dog into a happy free
exploring dog. But most important, you got the love you needed. We are best friends. Family.

Suddenly I hear you squeaking near me at the road. I started running and see you. A car that didn’t see you drove over you.
This was a horrible experience.

We buried you under the walnut tree. Your grave looks nice but it hurts so much not having you around.

Everywhere I go I’m looking for you and miss this happy dog jumping and running around me.

Every time I hear a dog barking I want to call you, but you are not there.

I miss you allot and you will always be in my heart.



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