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Dating – Learning – Working – Meditation

January 11, 2019 @ 12:00 am - January 13, 2019 @ 2:00 pm

You want to work together with 20 different partner for an hour on all the tasks, we have at Vlierhof. You get an introduction for each work, which you are doing for an hour with a different partner. Then you will focus on this task until you are as perfect as you can together with your new partner. Our learning supervisors will assist you and also will give you then at the end a grading between 0 and 10 points. After doing all the 20 tasks, then you get from Vlierhof a certification with your results. If you reach more than 100 points, then you are a “Vlierhof Certified Partner 1.0”

Some of the tasks will be:

  • cleaning dishes as fast and sustainable as possible
  • cleaning a room perfectly just with a broom, a microfiber and nearly no chemicals as fast as possible
  • Sow seeds in our DEMETER certified Greenhouse
  • Preparing a permaculture area in our garden
  • Cutting wood with a Chainsaw, You get then from us also a paper, that you got already an introduction to work with this tool.
  • Preparing wood to built a tree house
  • preparing compost
  • Creating and soldering LED lamps
  • bottling our own Quince Sherry (and of course try it)
  • Labelling the wine bottles
  • making arts out of glass
  • Cutting vegetables like a professional cook
  • Installation of solar Cells on a roof, secured with a rope fuse
  • Giving and getting a back massage
  • Giving and getting a food massage
  • and, and and, whatever we have for projects.

In all the tasks you will focus fully on the task, you have to to. With your partner you only can speak about the task you have to do. And only the things, they are necessary. For this you will learn or optimize your abilities for things, you maybe never have done. Each task is getting a mediation about the new things. you will make the experience, how easy it is, to go inside of y new task, when you  are open for it. You will get a fully new attitude to work. You will go inside and it is getting a meditation.

You come to the flow and all the time you have a potential new partner around you, who is doing the same than you. The focus is on the work. all the stress to meet somebody new is gone. You will be getting attractive by your action on the task and how you are going around. And not by pressing Silicone in youf Body or destroy your body in another way to be attractive. You are attractive, because you are doing!

We create a platform for the partners that this can get a also a dating platform. With your successful participation at the first workshop you are getting a member on the platform for free.

Vlierhof is one of the oldest communities in the North West of Germany in a 5 ha garden and a Seminar house in a traditional building. We give you the opportunity to get an practical impression of all our tasks. The community Vlierhof has the Vision of a personal growth and want to give an positive impact to the world.

This workshop is the first one in the new design. We want to offer this workshops around the world with you. If you reach the status “Vlierhof Partner 2.0” which means you can do simple things already nice, than you can get a “Vlierhof Learning Facilitator”

The new Vision and Mission of Vlierhof from 2018 is:


A world where every being lives in peace and awareness.


As a Center for Personal Growth and Societal Transformation.

  • We offer space and develop practices that lead to holistic growth and enable us to fulfill the whole range of our potential

  • We live as a conscious global community bound together by service towards the greater good, and where love and compassion is a daily action

  • We persistently experiment with and pioneer sustainable ways of working & living together that contribute to the evolution of ourselves, our neighbours and humanity


Starting with Vision and Mission statement we want to implement our Vision to our Vlierhof and to the society. This Workshops will be one of the leading tools to develop a new standard of beeing:

  • This creates at Vlierhof a culture of learning in each part of the live
  • This workshops are the first step to learn and spread the basic knowledge of doing things as good as you can
  • Live is a competition with yourselve. You will learn this ability again, what you forgot in your education in the schools. You go to learn something new just by doing it. Out of doing the fun of life comes out. To try and to make it better and to improve your own skills makes you happy.
  • Even after one hour of doing something new, you will get ideas, to improve the things later more. You give your ideas to the learning facilitator, that he also can learn. Each new participant will give something back.
  • The “Need to be done things” (NTBDT) will be done fast and very effective to get the time for the real important things of your life. Or the things getting part of your own Vision of live….
  • Out of this Vlierhof will get a paradise of prosperity and spirit of growths. Each participant will improve the Community of Vlierhof and will give more power to create the Garden of Eden at Vlierhof. We want to focus on Permaculture and to develop this at the whole Area at Vllierhof. There we need a lot of knowledge, which has to be transformed to daily activity to get it real. With each participant the power growth, because more things can be done with fun and a smile.
  • When even more people will come the area of Vlierhof has to get more bigger and bigger and bigger. Other land is waiting for the new participants, new things will appear, which can be done. The land of the neighbor also is getting a huge permaculature garden with a huge sustainable greenhouse, where people also can directly sleep inside of this new garden of Eden
  • Even more people will come from the towns, to learn, to spare, to facilitate others to learn it and stay.
  • The spirit will go around the world.
  • The people will learn again, how to produce and process own food, the wolrd is getting sustainable.

With this Workshop, you are getting part of the new society, which we create now. The Train of sustainability has started. You are getting part of it. When you reach the status Vlierhof Partner 2.0, you are yourself a learning facilitator, which can bring the spirit around the world at each place you want. You start at Vlierhof and then the world is ready for you. You will forget the old patterns of beiing poor and have to work. You will doing and learning and facilitate other for the Garden of Eden 2020.


We are starting this serial of Workshops at the 11th of January. This will be the initial workshop. The price including food and accomodation will be 100 €. In this workshop we want to improve the settings and recruit all the pictures and videos we need for the marketing of the Workshop series. If you take part, then you agree, that we publish all our records from the weekend. For this you get the subscription price of 100 €. Later the workshop will cost 335.- €.


January 11, 2019 @ 12:00 am
January 13, 2019 @ 2:00 pm
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Klever Str. 115
Kleve, 47533 Germany
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