shamanic Firekeeper Initiation

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    At the end of August, a sweat lodge by Christina Geiger took place here, where I was tabda of the fire-man. By working with the fire at the sweat lodge, my right leg became too hot again, causing me to re-ignite. During those days of debilitating my body through fever and lack of apetite, I became aware of my mental power animal in a dream vision in the future, to train fire-man for the shamanic way. That night I got the tools for the ritual work with the fire and a new shamanic name. I am at Dancing White Buffallo and I will be offering workshops and initiation rituals for new fire-man and womans, on a donation basis. Especially in the shamanic work you need special rules to create a protected energetic space. Either these are passed from shaman to shaman or get this job by channeling through spiritual powers. In one of my past lives I lived as Natawahee the white buffalo in the prairie of Lakota until the sacred white buffalo was killed by the white ones. Now I am this white buffalo turned back as a dancing whitebuffalo to fill the world with my voice. With each trained new fire man and fire woman a fire clan develops. From the donations received at the workshops, a big drum will be built and their voices will be heard in many open squares, at festivals and on the beaches of the Rhine as well as on the Vlierhof.



    Beautiful tabda, I’ve been helping as fire keeper in the brotherhood and it’s amazing!

    Create a firekeeper group aswell, I’ll join

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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