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    Me Tabda, I joined Kringle in 2017 because I think Kringle-Cash is a private and spiritual currency. Kringle or the TBC Coin is designed to be a means of exchange in the future for every person in the world. With Kringle you can already exchange goods and services for Kringle – currently mainly in some countries of the African continent, America and Asia. Europe is still under construction.


    I hold an account for myself. And an kringle account for the Vlierhof community.
    facts Facts and explanation about kringlecash are available at this link :

    Anyone interested in the future of a moneyless world can learn from the description that Kringle is a medium of exchange with spiritual aspects.

    Anyone who signs up via this link will help the spiritual power of the kringle (TBC) Coin to develop worldwide and also helps the Vlierhof community in the future to have a money-free medium of exchange.

    currently the kringle account vlierhofdaddy owns 490 kringle, in the coming may if I am able to collect the cookies every monday and tuesday this account will have about 1880 kringles. If more people settle under the account vlierhofdaddy, the state of the account can even grow.



    I think the title “no money” is misleading. In my eyes “Kringle” is just another label for money.
    Using no money can be done in 2 ways; Trading for other goods or giving for nothing.

    I’m interested in a life with “no money” but live in a world with money. I think the best you can do is spend your money only at companies that don’t support the bigger banking monopoly system.


    kringlecash ist eine private Gemeinschaft nicht gebunden an Börsen und Banken. Kringle Cash steht für eine bessere Welt und wird nicht in Geld gemessen,
    hat einen spirituellen Wert, der durch die anzahl der Mitglieder wächst. Ich habe Angst davor komplett ohne Geld leben zu müssen, solange wir in einer Welt mit Geld leben müssen. Ich hoffe das deine Tochter eine Welt ohne Geld erleben wird, selbst wenn man sich seine eigene Welt ohne Geld selber erschafft, wird es manchmal immer noch schwierig sein das aufrecht zu erhalten.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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